Eldercare at Home

Caring for an aging parent is hard, even under the best of circumstances. It can be physically demanding, emotionally taxing, and financially draining. Yet eldercare at home has the kind of advantages that just can’t be quantified in a bank statement. Here are 4 reasons caring for an aging parent at home should be an eldercare solutions consideration for your family.

Builds family character – If you have kids of your own, caring for an aging parent will set a positive example of how to show respect and love for older generations-those aren’t bad qualities to model when you consider that they may be caring for you one day! When your kids or other family members help in caring for an aging parent, it also builds a sense of responsibility toward one another as well as an atmosphere of teamwork.

Strengthens family bonds – Our society is a mobile one and, as a result, many families find themselves on the opposite ends of the state or the country. Eldercare at home allows your parent to become more thoroughly meshed into your family life. Grandpa can attend your child’s baseball practice, or Grandma can help your toddler daughter plant a garden. You may also find yourself bonding with Mom as she shows you the secret to her favorite cookie recipe. These are the kinds of memories that are harder to build if you need to look for eldercare solutions in an assisted living or nursing facility.

Allows you to become a better advocate – By caring for an aging parent at home you’re in a position to observe their habits and behaviors more closely than anyone else. Why is that important? Knowing that your Mom has become scared of the dark, you can remind the night nurse at the hospital to leave a light on in Mom’s room. Knowing that Dad doesn’t agree with his doc’s recommendation in favor of a major surgery will help you fight for a second opinion.

Makes you a better guardian of their health – Age- and disease-related decline can be slow. Eldercare at home will allow you to make those observations that are so important to maintaining good medical care. You and your family may notice, for example, that Pop’s hand is shaking so badly that he can no longer shave without slicing off half of his skin. Or you might observe that Mom seems to “check out” on a much more regular basis. These kinds of observations can help you and your parent’s medical team more easily assess your loved one’s health.

Eldercare at home doesn’t have to be a burden. From creating a stronger family to advocating for better health, your decision to start caring for an aging parent at home can build a better life for you, your parent, and your family.